Rural Coventry

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Although Coventry is a busy city, there are plenty of open spaces and stretches of woodland and countryside where it is easy to forget that you are close to busy roads, shopping centres, housing estates and factories. We live only a ten minute drive from the city centre, yet even closer than that are fields and woods where you can see streams and ponds, squirrels and ducks, and a huge variety of wild flowers. Molly has a country walk every day. Click the buttons below to see our two favourite country areas, with pictures of Molly enjoying herself.

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These areas of countryside which are dotted around the city help to make living in Coventry more pleasant than city life can often be. We hope they go on giving pleasure to future generations, but Coventry's record in preserving its unspoilt countryside is not very good. While we have lived here, an area in Eastern Green very like Coundon Wedge has disappeared under a vast housing estate and the roads which service it. A few years ago an additional road to the Jaguar factory was driven across Coundon Wedge, and in the last couple of years parts of Hearsall Common have been chopped off by the widening of a road junction. Vigorous public protest, especially about the Wedge road, was ignored. Hopefully the city will wake up to the fact that its country areas are a treasure it cannot afford to lose, before it is too late.

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