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For me this is one of the most dreadful of the recent changes at the Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa. This tiny paved area is the only place where the water birds can gather alongside the lake, and the place where people have to go to feed them. Before the lake was fenced off, to keep the birds off the paths, people and birds could mingle and families took great pleasure in feeding the birds who gathered all around them. Now, unless the birds fly over the fence they have no access to grass. For Canada geese, grass is their natural food, and the Council should not prevent the birds from reaching it just to save the cost of getting someone to hose down the paths around the lake to keep them clean. The Council have tried putting the Canada geese off the lake, but fortunately for the attractiveness of the gardens they flew back. The greatest real improvement to the gardens would be to remove all the fences which have been erected to prevent the birds from coming ashore in the gardens. The water birds were always one of the great attractions of the gardens, and imprisoning them on the lake and river has made the gardens dead and uninteresting, when they were once teeming with life.

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