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My photographs taken with the Sony Mavica FD97, Panasonic FZ20 and CanonSX10 IS cameras are displayed in this volume of the gallery. Some are displayed as straightforward photographs, some have been embellished in art programs such as Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, PhotoImpact, Painter 3d and/or Photo-Paint.

For anyone considering buying a digital camera, who would like to see some of the features demonstrated, I have put together a brief personal assessment of some of my cameras and how I find working with their capabilities. (FD95 assessment is only a demo of the zoom and full size photos so far). These pages can be viewed FD88 here FD91 here FD95 here.

I have posted some experimental photos to demonstrate the difference (if any) between digital zoom and enlarging the centre of an optical zoom photo, using the FD97 camera. This page can be viewed here

On each gallery page there are thumbnails for 8 photographs, and you can see the full sized one by clicking on a thumbnail.

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This gallery is a listed resource at Hassle Free.

The images are my own copyright and you may use or modify them, other than those which are portraits of people, in your personal, non-commercial artwork. I do not require a link back if you use them on a webpage, unless it is your policy to do that, but the images must not be claimed as your own work, offered for sale, or used in images which are offered for sale.

Portraits of people are excepted from this out of respect for their privacy, as they may not wish their portraits to appear in graphics and images extensively.

If you are making a return visit, and wish to start somewhere other than the first page, you can go to any page from here. Use the browser back button if you wish to return to this index after viewing a page, or change the page name in the browser URL to index.html.

PAGE 151 (Dandelion, Don, Rags, garden, leaves, snail)
PAGE 152 (Funfair)
PAGE 153 (Gorse, leaves, moss, bee, bluebells)
PAGE 154 (Celandines, clover, cow parsley, flowers, hawthorn blosssom)
PAGE 155 (Rags, woods, seeds, bluebells)
PAGE 156 (Buds, butterfly, cotoneaster, bee, flower, glasnevin)
PAGE 157 (Glasnevin, Rags, flower, roses, yucca)
PAGE 158 (Flowers, cotoneaster, glasnevin, honeysuckle, Rags)
PAGE 159 (Rags, rose, aircraft, Carol, Don)
PAGE 160 (Strawberries and cream, cats, flower, glasnevin, honeysuckle, yucca)
PAGE 161 (Yucca)
PAGE 162 (Flower, glasnevin, honeysuckle, cats, berries)
PAGE 163 (Cotoneaster, flower, fuchsia)
PAGE 164 (Glasnevin, cat, bee, rings, autumn, mallard drake, thistle)
PAGE 165 (Mallard drake and duck, fountains, Jephson gardens, Canada geese)
PAGE 166 (Autumn tree, mallard drakes and ducks, flowers, Jephson gardens)
PAGE 167 (Swans)
PAGE 168 (Swans, geese, pigeons, holly, squirrel)
PAGE 169 (Squirrels, swans, geese, leaves, river island)
PAGE 170 (Swans, geese)
PAGE 171 (Primulas, gardens, squirrels)
PAGE 172 (Coat of arms, leaves, river, woods, moss)
PAGE 173 (Autumn, toadstools, blackberries, circus tent, Rags)
PAGE 174 (Don and Rags, flowers, robin, squirrels, woods)
PAGE 175 (Woods, Christmas flower, stained glass window)


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