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On each page there are thumbnails for 8 photographs, and you can see the full sized one by clicking on a thumbnail.

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This gallery is a listed resource at Hassle Free.

The images are my own copyright and you may use or modify them, other than those which are portraits of people, in your personal, non-commercial artwork. I do not require a link back if you use them on a webpage, unless it is your policy to do that, but the images must not be claimed as your own work, offered for sale, or used in images which are offered for sale.

Portraits of people are excepted from this out of respect for their privacy, as they may not wish their portraits to appear in graphics and images extensively.

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PAGE 101 (Pansies, river scene, squirrels, berries, goose)
PAGE 102 (Geese, pigeons, ducks, moorhen, blossom)
PAGE 103 (Garden scenes, heather, ducks, pine, fountain)
PAGE 104 (Squirrel, flower, garden scene, building works, catkins, river scene, drake)
PAGE 105 (Cats, lamplight, 'orange' tree, autumn woods, pond with ice)
PAGE 106 (Woods in autumn, last green leaf, dewdrops on oak leaf, frost on grass, holly)
PAGE 107 (Holly, rose bay willow herb, cat Nero and his Christmas presents)
PAGE 108 (Bouquet, carnations, daisies, lilies)
PAGE 109 (Lilies, iris, snow scenes)
PAGE 110 (Snow scenes, woods, Don and Molly)
PAGE 111 (Snow scenes, woods, pond, Molly on the frozen pond, feather caught on a gorse bush)
PAGE 112 (Snow scenes, wide angle and zoom, Molly and a bassett hound)
PAGE 113 (Snow scenes, woods, holly leaf, trees, paw print)
PAGE 114 (Snow, woods, hyacinth, daffodil, Molly)
PAGE 115 (Cats, flowers, spring leaves)
PAGE 116 (Gorse, ladybirds, flowers)
PAGE 117 (Buds, building work, flowers, goose)
PAGE 118 (Magnolia, swan, flowers)
PAGE 119 (Squirrels, swans)
PAGE 120 (Swans, tulips, hyacinth)
PAGE 121 (Tulips, church, ducks, daffodils)
PAGE 122 (Flowers, fountains, rainbow)
PAGE 123 (River, spring tree, swans)
PAGE 124 (Swan, church, ladybirds on holly, winter dawn, begonia, cats, plant)
PAGE 125 (Flowers)
PAGE 126 (Reflections, helicopters, flowers)
PAGE127 (Lemon flowers, aphids, bee on flower, floral decorations, Jephson Gardens, swan)
PAGE 128 (Albino pigeon, flower, autumn, drakes, duck)
PAGE 129 (Flowers, rose hips, fountain)
PAGE 130 (Harvest Festival, sea birds, Canada geese, squirrel, church)
PAGE 131 (Offchurch, churches)
PAGE 132 (Cats, snow pictures, ice)
PAGE 133 (Snow, crocus, drake, duck, feather, gorse, leaf, dog)
PAGE 134 (Shadows, moon, daffodils, rainbow, fountain, bridge, weir, swan)
PAGE 135 (Swan, swan nest, blossom, flowers, fountain, tree buds, swan)
PAGE 136 (Swans, flowers, cat climbing ladder, Don, Rags, irises, marsh marigolds)
PAGE 137 (Woods, blackberry flowers, gorse pods, cow parsley, honeysuckle, woods, Don, Rags)
PAGE 138 (Pods, Don, Rags, berries, feather, fern, oak buds)
PAGE 139 (Rags, woods, flowers, vetch, swans)
PAGE 140 (Blackberry, clover, haws, Rags, rosebay willow herb, vetch, flowers)
PAGE 141 (Blackberry flowers, honeysuckle, mallow, rosebay willow herb, thistle, Coundon Wedge, horse)
PAGE 142 (Horses, pond, Rags, thistles, blackberries)
PAGE 143 (Fire, firemen, burnt motor cycle, flowers, berries, Rags, pond)
PAGE 144 (Acorns, blackberries, seeds, cow parsley, hawthorn berries)
PAGE 145 (Holly, Rags, flowers, berries, sky, squirrel, church)
PAGE 146 (Rags, autumn, Hothorpe Hall, garden, trees)
PAGE 147 (Hothorpe Hall, Rags, bone, cat, Don)
PAGE 148 (Snow, garden, Rags, cat, celandine, crows)
PAGE 149 (Daffodil, flowers, gorse, Don, Rags)
PAGE 150 (Grape hyacinths, Rags, pond, tree knot, woods, dandelion)


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