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Open Day 2004 was also held at the Rugby Football ground. The day began with an impressive display by the Nuneaton Dog Training Club. The dogs were wonderfully trained. Their owners could walk away from them, walk all around them, and the dogs would not move till called back to their owners. They could also search for things, and some of them were working rescue dogs, but all were their owners' pets, not professional working dogs.

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As always on Honiley Open Day, Carol's favourite strawberries and cream were on sale.

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Rags was very excited when we first arrived at the show, and she barked a lot, but she began to quieten down a little and was content to sit with Don and watch the obedience demonstration and the first class, to find the handsomest dog.

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As always at Honiley, there were airliners heading for Birmingham Airport flying over every few minutes.

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Then it was time for Rags' first visit to the ring, in the class for the prettiest bitch. She came fourth in this class last year, but this year she was not among the prizewinners.

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While the classes were being judged, the various fundraising stalls around the ground were a little neglected, but before and after the classes they did a roaring trade and made a lot of money for Dogs Trust and the Greyhound Rescue. One of the funniest classes is called 'six legs'. The owners have to roll their trousers up and put their two legs on display with the four their dogs have, to find which combination of six legs is best. Rags and Don did not enter this one!

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Then it was time for Don and Rags to go back into the ring for the waggiest tail class. We had been in two minds about entering her because she hardly wagged her tail at all when we first got her, and it was only recently that we noticed that she had started to wag her tail. So we entered her, and Don tickled her and played with her to get her happily wagging her tail. To our great delight she was called out as one of the six prizewinners, and in the final judging she was placed fourth.

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Here you can see a movie of Rags' prizewinning tail wagging in the contest.


When you click on a link, the movie will be downloaded to your hard drive and played in your media player. Both movies on this page are approx. 1.3MB files.

There was only one more class for Rags to compete in - best dog rehomed from Dogs Trust Honiley. You can see her stepping out in that class in this movie, but she was not among the prizewinners.


So, the day came to an end. Although the sun had gone in and it had been quite cold, the rain held off and the show was great fun. We finished the day with our star, proudly wearing her prize ribbon. Eating her prize (lots of doggie treats) would have to wait till she got home!

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