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On Rags' first visit to Open Day, the Honiley centre was being completely rebuilt, and there was no room for the rings and the stalls. So Open Day was held at the nearby Rugby Football Ground. There were lots of stalls and tents where you could buy food, books, videos, plants, leads and collars, or get your dog microchipped if it had not already been done. And there was an exhibition about the dog owner's responsibilities in law by the Dog Wardens who have to collect stray dogs from all over Warwickshire. Most of the strays come to Honiley, and if they are not reunited with their owners, they are rehomed. Rags was a stray picked up by the Coventry Dog Warden, and brought to Honiley. Her former owners never came forward to claim her, so she was put up for rehoming, and we were the lucky family. Below are some pictures of the Open Day Scene.

bounce.jpg - 25kbBOUNCY CASTLE

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Below are three videos that show you the whole Open Day scene. Click the links download them or open them in Windows Media Player. They are each about 1.3MB.





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The first event in the ring was a display by the Nuneaton Dog Training Club, show how well trained and well behaved dogs can be.

thumbdonrags1983.jpg - 17kbthumbdonrags1986.jpg - 15kbNext came the Pal Scruffts heats. We did not enter Rags in any of these, so she had to wait a while till it was her turn for the ring. Mostly she was content to sit by Don, though once she tried to gate crash the contest by crawling under the ring tape.

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Then it was Rags' turn to compete, in the Prettiest Bitch class. She dragged Don into the ring very eagerly.

thumbcompete1993.jpg - 17kbthumbcompete1994.jpg - 18kbBy the time Don got her under control and sitting still looking beautiful, he looked quite worn out.

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To our great delight, Rags was called out as the fourth prize winner. The picture on the left shows Don receiving the prize (a bag of tins of dog food, dog biscuits, chewsticks and a doggy toy) and the ribbon. The picture on the right shows the first four prizewinners. There were two more prizes still being presented so they were not in this picture. The boy on the right has the red ribbon of the winner. The blue ribbon for second place belongs to the greyhound. Down in the left corner is the winner of the yellow ribbon for third, and Don has the green ribbon for the fourth prize winner, who is getting a congratulatory pat.

thumbcompete1999.jpg - 17kbthumbcompete2005.jpg - 16kbRags was also entered in the class for best dog re-homed from Honiley, but despite putting her best foot forward and looking beguilingly at the judge, she was not placed in that one.

As the last class finished, a thunderstorm that had been threatening all afternoon suddenly arrived, and everyone ran for their cars to go home. It had been a beautiful day, with a ribbon for Rags, hot dogs for Don and strawberries and cream for Carol, and sunshine right up till the last minute of the event.

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