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We have lived in Coventry for over 20 years, but our first home was in Leamington Spa, where we were married at the Parish Church of All Saints.

Don is a librarian, working for Warwickshire County Council at Nuneaton and Bedworth Libraries in the past, and now at Stratford-upon-Avon library. Carol was a librarian, but gave it up many years ago and now spends most of her time playing around with computers. She is a Reader of the Church of England, on the staff of All Saints', Leamington Spa. She is also the author of this home page and the website for The Parish Church of All Saints, Royal Leamington Spa.

Brooksbank Silver Wedding On December 23rd, 1997, we celebrated our Silver Wedding, with a Service of Thanksgiving, at All Saints', Leamington Spa, at which we reaffirmed our marriage vows, followed by a supper for our family and friends in the Urquhart Room at the Church.

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Molly the dogOur dog Molly was a stray and had been living at the National Canine Defence League kennels for about a year, until we rescued her. She had been hard to rehome because she did not like men. We had to visit her at the kennels for a month and bribe her with treats until she accepted Don. She came to love Don and followed him around, but she still did not like other men and could be quite fearsome towards them. We think that sometime in the past a man must have treated her badly. She was very nervous and highly strung when she first joined us, but she settled down well. Her favourite occupation was walking in the country. Luckily there is open countryside only five minutes drive from our home.

Sadly Molly died on 30 May 2003. Her immune system went haywire and started destroying her red blood cells. She was in the vets' hospital for over a week while they battled to suppress her immune system and save her, but she did not respond and died in her sleep. The vets assured us that her condition would have given her no pain or suffering, just made her more and more sleepy.

We shall leave Molly's page on our site to remind us of a friend who gave us a great deal of pleasure in the six years she was with us.

Nero and Caesar the cats
Molly had a lot of trouble with the two cats, Nero and Caesar - she was not alone in that. Her problem was that she couldn't always tell which is which. Caesar (on the radio) is very friendly and affectionate, but Nero (in the window) is just the opposite. Molly got a scratched nose if she tries to be friendly with Nero by mistake.

You will find links to pages for Molly, the cats, Honily Kennels where she lived till we rescued her, and rural Coventry where she had her walks, among the doorbells on our front door page.

Our interest in computers goes back to the days of the Sinclair Spectrum. Over the years we owned 5 different Spectrum models, two of which we still have. Later we graduated to the Sam range of computers, another Z80 chip based machine with more memory and more versatility than the Spectrum. Although we each have a PC now, we are still fond of the Sam/Spectrum scene. Carol wrote for ZX Computing and for Format, the Spectrum/Sam magazine. We often attend computer fairs, and at the Gloucester Computer Fair organized by Format Publications, Carol mans the help stand, solving problems and helping people to get the best out of their computers. The Gloucester Fair to has a link beside our front door

On 2 October, 1999 we had a very exciting meeting - our first meeting with our Canadian email pen friends, Harvey and Norma Mitchell.

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On February 17th 2000, Don received an award for long service with Warwickshire County Library, and we went to the Shire Hall in Warwick for the ceremony and a buffet lunch.

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Carol's signature  One of Carol's hobbies is computer graphics. She is known around the Internet graphics communities as Carol UK, and signs her postings to forums with this graphic.

She has an extensive graphics site, with galleries of her art, Terragen pictures, fractals, tutorials, snow globes, panoramas, 'Magic Eye' stereograms, her scratchpad, and some downloadable resources - fonts, web sets, clear glass samples for stained glass work, tubes and frames for Paint Shop Pro and material bump files for PhotoImpact - which you are most welcome to download for use in non-commercial web pages.

Carol is also a keen photographer. She has Sony Mavica FD88 FD91, and FD95 digital cameras - her favourites of her various film and digital cameras - and has made a gallery for some of her Mavica photos.

You will find links to Carol's Mavica Gallery, and to the Graphics site, beside our front door.