On October 2, 1999 we had the great pleasure of meeting for the first time our Canadian email penfriends, Harvey and Norma Mitchell.

The correspondence began several years ago when Harvey, after seeing the pictures of our cats on our website, sent us a picture of his daughter-in-law's beautiful cat. Since then we have emailed regularly, exchanged photos and voice messages, and Harvey has sent us videos of their family gatherings and holidays. Their little granddaughter, Anne-Marie, calls Carol 'Aunty', and we have come to know each other so well that when we actually met, Carol said she could hardly believe that this was the first time we had ever seen each other. It was so like a family reunion.


Here are the four of us, together for the first time, from the left Harvey, Carol, Norma, Don.

Harvey and Norma were in England as part of their Golden Wedding celebrations. Their children had given them a present of a second honeymoon tour around Europe. For their Golden Wedding on July 30th, Carol wanted to make a commemorative web page, and wanted to include their wedding photos and family photographs. Having no idea what possible reason she could have for asking for their wedding photos, without giving the game away, she got in touch with their daughter Pam, who like Harvey and Norma, lives in Ontario. Pam proved an excellent conspirator. She burgled their house while they were on holiday and scanned the wedding photos, and photos of them as children and young people, and sent them to Carol. And she supplied photos of all their family and friends. The result was that on their wedding anniversary, Carol sent them the URL for this Internet 'Greeting card'. After viewing it, use the browser BACK button to return to this page.

Harvey and Norma Golden Wedding

They had too many friends and relatives in England to make personal visits to each one, so they booked a room in a club in Nuneaton, near where they were staying with Harvey's cousin, and invited everyone to a gathering.

We gave them a framed copy of the collage on their Golden Wedding web page as a Golden Wedding gift, and below left you see Norma opening the present and centre, showing it to Harvey. On the right is the delighful gift that, to our surprise, they had brought for us. It is a glass night light shade in the form of an angel, and is made in Carlisle, Ontario, where they live.

Norma   Norma & Harvey   angel nightlight

The photographs below show the guests at the gathering in Nuneaton, and Harvey and Norma circulating among them and chatting.

For us this was a memorable evening - our first meeting with Harvey and Norma, which we hope will be the first of many meetings with our 'Canadian family'.

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