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The Mahonia, a type of ornamental holly, has very spectacular flowers. Even the buds are attractive, looking like bunches of grapes, and the beautiful yellow blossoms attract the bees

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Catkins moving gracefully in the breeze make the willow and hazel trees very attractive in spring, and close up the flowers are seen to be very beautiful in their own right.

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Cherry and forsythia blossom fill the gardens with colour in spring.

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There are bright and colourful flowers in all the formal beds

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while crocuses and daffodils appear to grow wild among the longer grass by the lakes.

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Small flowers appear to grow spontaneously among the roots of a tree, while there are bright wallflowers in the ornamental tubs, with tulip buds ready to open and take over as the wallflowers begin to fade.

cowslip690x.jpg - 20kb   grapehy817x.jpg - 20kb
Little hidden corners reveal treasures like the cowslip and grape hyacinths.

But flowers and trees are not the only attraction in the Jephson Gardens. Move on now to meet some of the wildlife that has its home here.


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