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On Thursday, February 17th, 2000, Don went to the Shire Hall in Warwick to receive an award for long service with the County Library service. This was the first presentation of the newly inaugurated award, which is presented after 25 years' service. On this occasion there were more recipients than there would normally be, because included in the ceremony were all the staff who had completed over 25 years' service. Many, like Don, who has 33 years' Service with Warwickshire, had served more than 25 years.

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Don receiving his award

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The recipients from the Nuneaton and Bedworth area where Don is based

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The award gifts were a certificate, which Don is seen holding above, and a beautiful pair of crystal goblets.
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The goblets are engraved with the arms of the County of Warwickshire - the Bear and Ragged Staff (a bear chained to a rough-hewn wooden post) and the motto in Norman French 'Non sanz droict' - Not Without Right.

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Before the buffet lunch which followed the ceremony, all the recipients gathered on the steps of the Shire Hall for a group photograph. These long serving members of the County Library Service, whose joint service adds up to over 1000 years, represent only a small proportion of the 500 people who work for Warwickshire County Libraries.


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