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Caesar and Nero joined us in 1994, aged 8 weeks. Sadly they are no longer with us. Nero got a fast moving and painful cancer in 2005, and in 2007 Caesar developed a bad heart condition. On both occasions the vet's advice was that nothing could be done and they had to be put to sleep. We leave these pages as a tribute to two much loved members of our family, who gave us a lot of fun.


When these two villains joined the Brooksbank household at the age of 8 weeks, their innocent faces belied their criminal natures. Because these are two incurable vandals. They have torn curtains to shreds (literally - by swinging on them while their claws ripped through them); kicked a deep fat fryer off the kitchen worktop, breaking the machine and spreading two litres of oil all over the kitchen floor; bitten the earpieces off a pair of headphones; chewed through a headphone extension cable, the hi-fi speaker cables and the radio aerial; and disconnected the doorbell (four times) and the telephone answering machine, by biting through the wires.
They have unravelled the wicker cat basket seen in these pictures, which their predecessor used for 17 years without causing it any damage. Now it has large holes all over where they have bitten through the canes and then pulled them out.
They did not cease these activities when they grew up. Only recently Nero ripped large holes in Carol's t-shirt because Carol wanted to bring him in for the night, and he wanted to stay outside.

Nero, on the left, seems to share Carol's interests and hobbies, while Caesar shares his Master's belief that you can never get enough rest and should not miss any opportunity for a nap.

Caesar (left) would like everyone to believe that he is a big fierce animal, but he is a real softy. He had a bad reaction to his inoculations when he was a year old, which left him a little clumsy, and in the last few months we have discovered that he is also epileptic. He had epileptic fits while he was in the vet's hospital after the bad reaction, but we thought that they had stopped when he recovered, till this year when he has had two. We hope that they will not become too frequent, or he will have to be on continuous medication. So far, the vet thinks they are too occasional for that. His clumsiness can be a worry sometimes, too. We live in a first floor maisonette, and Caesar once tried to jump onto a window sill, missed and sailed straight out of the open window. He was discovered sitting on the lawn below, a bit bewildered, but not nearly as shocked as his owners.

Nero (right) is into all sorts of mischief, including balancing half in and half out of the top of an upstairs window, but he is very sure-footed and has never fallen out yet. He is the one who terrorizes poor Molly. She is at last beginning to work out which is which, but still does not always get out of the way quite fast enough. A sudden squeal from Molly is a sure sign that Nero is in a bad mood and Molly was in his way. While Caesar is quite content to walk round (or even underneath) Molly, Nero will always lash out and scratch her nose to make her move. He has even been known to walk up to Molly and scratch her when she was lying in her bed and causing no trouble to anyone. It seems to be Nero's way of making sure she knows who is top cat around here.

They are good friends, sharing the same food plate, the same bed, and usually hanging out together around the neighbourhood.

They have play fights, but do not hurt each other. They will even break off activities like exploring a large carton to exchange a kiss.

They pose no threat to the local birds or mice. Caesar only brings home discarded lolly sticks and drinking straws. Nero collects bits of sticky tape and sweet wrappers, though just to keep us on our toes he will occasionally bring home a live worm and deposit it at our feet. Probably he likes to see how unnerving this is to Carol. Even though the mice don't lose any sleep over them, their owners are likely to be carried off by men in white coats!

They get on well with other cats. Here is Nero
strolling and playing in the sun with neighbour Goldie. Goldie and her brother Muffin have their own web page.

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